It is very good . While studying in this app we have to do as much questions we can do in the time limit. It feels like we are giving a test. This app helps us study and and also teaches us to attempt all the questions of a test fast and complete all the questions before time limit.

Sarita Samanta

Good app. I was given the link in school to use it and I really appreciate the app. If one wants to increase the time limit they should buy the premium.

Ishan Spartan

Best experience! It provides a limited amount of time to work on it but I have completed my hundred percent refresher course and it was an amazing experience. If you want you can also upgrade to the premium one but you can still work for 20 minutes everyday for free on this app.

Namrata Shukla

Very good app and very much user friendly, especially in this lockdown period its a very useful app for the students. I personally like the time limit that it gives, just like in an examination hall.


This app is actually amazing. Helped my child understand some key concepts of mathematics. Complete confidence booster. Should try this one.

Vicky Kumarkhania

Countingwell application is the best application to learn mathematics. I am really satisfied after using this application. Recommend this application for all. Thank you.

Ram Das

This is the best application! They have the courses personally designed so my kids can learn easily without any hassle.

Shruti Shah

CountingWell is amazingly awesome.

Likhita Sriram

It is a great app for learning maths also you get a great recall of the previous classes.

Biswarup Pramanik

It's very good app. I understood everything and all my concepts are clear. This app is OP

Anjali Rajput

This is an awesome application. I have recommended this application. I am also using this app and my experience is excellent.

Radha gupta

It's a lovely app. My daughter has improved a lot in Maths

Sweta Jain

Really a great app for learning.

Soumen Banerjee

Good app, but free time limit should be extended.

Sheetal Chitlange

Very useful app, I learn something new everyday, it clarifies the doubts very nicely.

Bhanu Prakash Padala

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